Three-level penthouses deserve a separate story – it is a true Ode to leadership and success. The height of the living room ceiling is 7 metres, panoramic windows from floor to ceiling with a constantly changing picture of beauty of the surrounding city – living manifestation of vital and zesty philosophy. Living room, study, kitchen not included in the area of guest reception, spacious public area, and we have gone to the second, “bedroom” level. Each apartment has its own Master Bedroom. And if you start to miss the blue sky above your head, or your thoughts get cramped into a 3.20-metre ceiling, it is time to go to the third level.
A large terrace with an area of 100 – 120 metres – a place where you can make any dreams come true – a swimming-pool under the open sky, a tanning salon or barbeque – all this surrounded with 3-metre glass walls protecting from wind and making any season pleasant.