Architecture of the building pursues the general idea of the quarters – visually the building resembles a stack of books, where each storey is a new book, a new content with its own philosophical approach in life. Terraces and balconies of different sizes and directions in each apartment help the architect with the difficult task of properly visualising this image, creating an opportunity for meditative relaxation for the residents.

To develop the project in compliance with the highest demands of quality, we have invited Andris Kronbergs – the leading Latvian architect, president of the Latvia Association of Architects, owner and director of architectural firm “ARHIS”.

The unique characteristic of project’s architecture appears in the position of the first apartment floor – it is lifted 14 metres above the ground. Only support pillars and the large entrance hall with a ceiling height of 12 metres are lowered to the ground level. Such solution allowed to effectively increase the recreation area. On the ground level under a roof, which is supposed as the 2nd storey of the building, tennis, basketball and volleyball courts have been situated. In the territory of the project you will also find an artificial pond and recreation area with 2 children’s playgrounds.