A meaningful

Our task was to create a modern, urban and solid logo. Whilst working on the title, which was already told by the history of the place, we turned to philosophy sources, and to be more specific, to the Book of Changes. We found a hexagram in it, resembling two towers and their foundation. Its direct meaning – “the Turning Point”.

It is the time of energy regeneration and recovery after a period of challenging times. Return to start over. Return to the source. Re-establish the initial freshness of feelings. Life events come and go without any worries and stress. You will be offered fruitful projects: join them, and you will make no mistake. Your path will change its direction and return to you after 7 days at the scheduled time. You will be able to start fresh. Develop a strategy or plan of action. Be open to new ideas. Turn towards the future. Returning to the path – fundament for any virtues of power or goodness. Ignite your life events and work on their development. Everything is good in its season: that is the law of Heaven and Earth – the Book of Changes. Having seen the symbol, we were surprised by its visual similarity with the architecture of quarters, and the meaning of hexagram fulfilled the logo with the right tone, matching with the deep philosophy of the project.