and technologies

The Philosophers’ Residency project is located on a landscaped territory of 4 200 square metres, including a total of 120 apartments. Project consists of two apartment blocks (18-storey and 19-storey), connected with an underground parking lot for 113 spaces.

Buildings have been connected to Rīgas Siltums and Rīgas Ūdens, and in the apartments heat convectors with a possibility of temperature regulation.


A special attention has been drawn to engineering and heat efficiency by “RPH”.
Double-pane glass with heat transmission of 0.5, three-layered panel walls, modern heating and ventilation systems.
Buildings are equipped with designed, noise-free, fast, panoramic elevators provided by ”Schindler”. Private underground parking lot is equipped with the necessary ventilation with CO2-measuring sensors.

24-hour security provides safety of the residents: surveillance cameras, on-door speaker phones, apartments are hooked to alarm systems with a remote for alarming the security firm, chip access cards, automatic gates controlled by a remote.

Basic projects include 3-room apartments with 2 bedrooms, several 4-room apartments with 3 bedrooms, and 2-room apartments with 1 bedroom. Apartment space varies from 52 to 144 square metres, with an option of adjoining even in the latest stages of construction. Each apartment includes a terrace from 5.5 to 100 square metres, with a width of no less than 1.5 metres. The apartment ceiling height sums up to 3.5 metres, in the penthouses – 6,75 metres.

In the process of developing the technical tasks of Philosophers’ Residence, all parameters have outperformed construction regulations of the European Union, corresponding to the highest demands of security and comfort, allowing the project to be included in the “Premium” class projects